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Built by people from the Media Industry, for people in
he Media Industry!

Big Prize Giveaways, Small Budget Requirements
Have a limited budget, but need a big impact?  Million Dollar Media can turn your limited budget into unlimited opportunities.  With one of our custom insured contests, we can help you offer big money prizes in your promotions for just a fraction of the cost.

Giveaway Up to $10,000,000!
Million Dollar Media has the largest prize capacity in the United States or Canada - with the ability to offer coverage on prizes valued from $10,000 to $10,000,000 or even higher.  So how creative could you get with an unlimited bank roll to feature any fantasy prize - such as $1,000,000 Cash, the keys to a new Car, a brand new Home, College Tuition, Free Gas for Life, a $100,000 Shopping Spree, or a new Harley for you and (5) of your friends, a trip to the Super Bowl for Life, or the cash to pay-off your Mortgage.  With Million Dollar Media, any prize is possible.  The best part is that your budget is set and secure, because with our insured contests – when you have a winner, Million Dollar Media pays for the prize. 

Who Are We?
Million Dollar Media (MDM) specializes in creating custom insured promotions, along with providing additional sweepstakes and promotional services for media outlets (radio, television, newspaper, cable, direct mail), advertising agencies, corporate & retail advertisers, casinos, the automotive industry, nightclub & bar/restaurant chains, beer & liquor industry, sports leagues, internet companies and more.

Insured promotions provide powerful ways to create excitement, increase sales, activate events and sponsorships, generate leads, develop customer databases, drive website traffic, create cross-promotions, cut through advertising clutter, and achieve almost any marketing or sales objective.  It’s an effective way to stretch limited budgets by creating unlimited prize options.

We are staffed exclusively by marketing and media professionals - with over 50 years experience in marketing, promotions and insured contesting industry.

So How Does It Work? 
Million Dollar Media works with you to develop a custom promotion designed to achieve your  marketing goals, within your budget requirements.  Every insured contests offer contestants a chance to win an incredible prize if they can beat the odds – such as attempting a half-court shot at a basketball game, guessing a lucky number, or throwing a winning roll on a set of dice.  Million Dollar Media collects a contract fee based upon the size of the prize, the probability of a winner, and the number of contestants attempting the contest.  MDM provides turnkey support - from the official rules to custom signage and contest materials.  We’re there every step of the way to ensure your promotion's success.  And if you have a winner, Million Dollar Media pays for the prize.

We Take the Risk, You Take the Recognition
Insured contesting allows you to unleash your creative brainstorming capabilities – without worrying about the budget.  You can also rely on Million Dollar Media's expertise in brainstorming, building and designing a program.  Simply give us a few details of the marketing objective, and we'll guide you to the best possible promotion.  The MDM team will design a custom promotion that’s guaranteed to generate excitement, cut through the advertising clutter, generate leads, increase sales, and exceed your expectations.  We’re your silent partner behind the scenes – so that you or your client receives all the recognition, while we take all the risk.

A Half Century of Experience
Million Dollar Media is an exciting company staffed with seasoned marketing and media professionals.  Our team has worked at advertising agencies, radio stations, promotions companies, internet companies, sweepstakes companies, and of course insured contesting companies.  Our three partners alone have over 50 years combined experience in Insured Contesting, Sweepstakes, Marketing & Promotions.  We've seen it and done it all - from small local contests to national sweepstakes, on-site execution, on-line promotions, prize bonding, custom scratch cards, text messaging, prize fulfillment, even legal expertise.  Whether your marketing plans or events are large or small – we guarantee we can help make it a success!

You Won’t Find Us on the Golf Course
Some companies in the industry pretend to know the media and marketing industry - when all they really do is golf.  Just look at their company name - and you can probably figure it out.  While Million Dollar Media can execute any type of insured contest including hole in one golf tournaments - our specialty is focused on media promotions, marketing, contesting and turnkey sweepstakes.  We're not a division of a golf company.  We're a full service and turnkey marketing & promotions firm.  Our specialty lies in insured contesting, combined with our expertise and turnkey capabilities in graphic design, internet contesting, custom printing, prize bonding, prize fulfillment, sweepstakes management and more.

Creating a successful promotion requires special expertise and ability.  You wouldn’t hire a golf pro to develop your marketing plan, so why hire a “golf company” to help execute it?  So while you will find us working hard for our clients all over the United States and Canada, there's probably one place you won't see us often - and that's hanging out on the golf course.

Million Dollar Media provides an expert team of dedicated marketing professionals ready to provide creative ideas and input to help guarantee your next promotion is a success!